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I used to be someone who was very against loose powder because I thought it was just far too fiddly and messy to deal with on a daily basis, however this powder has definitely made me stray from the pressed powder band wagon. It provides such a unique finish on the skin is not heavy at all. It also has very very very (i stress, very!) fine shimmer through out it to give your face a luminous glow. My favourite thing about it is how it wears throughout the day, I have very oily skin and it's basically impossible to find a powder that keeps me matte all day. This powder is no exception on that front, however it is very forgiving as it wears off throughout the day.

I picked this up from Rexall when I was in Canada for holiday and I've been in love with it ever since. It is definitely a product that gets a lot of hype around the blogging community and it definitely lives up to its expectations. It's the perfect shade for contouring as well as an all over bronze. It doesnt appear muddy or orange at all on the skin and it blends like a dream.

Although this is advertised as an anti-aging foundation, that's not exactly what convinced me into buying it. It is on the more expensive end of the spectrum in terms of drugstore foundations, going at at $40 at priceline, however I did get it on sale and I had heard so many positive reviews about it online so I decided to give it a go. I love this foundation because it has the perfect amount of (medium) coverage and leaves a semi-matte finish so it's still very comfortable on the skin. Most days I use this as a concealer type product on the areas that I need it and I would definitely recommend this foundation.

This is a product that gets mixed reviews online, however I absolutely love it. It's quite a thick primer as it is cream based (not silicon) and has spf 30 in it, so the texture is definitely something to get used to. Despite that, I love this primer for the summer time because it provides protection from the sun as well as making my makeup stay on so much longer than it would normally. It definitely smooths our your skin texture and provides a nice even base to work on, however if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend it as it would probably cling to dry patches because of it's texture.

I love this concealer because it gives you the option of using a liquid concealer, which is great for the undereye area, or a stick concealer which I like using for my blemishes. Both sides of the concealer work so well however the concealer stick definitely provides a thicker coverage than the liquid concealer. I love using this concealer when I have bad break outs and I really need something heavy duty to cover it up - it also lasts very well on the skin.

What are your favourite drugstore face products? 


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