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Valentine's day is fast approaching and whilst millions of us around the world may be gearing ourselves up to lock ourselves in our bedrooms on the night of the 14th and refrain from checking any social media outlets to save ourselves from the emotional backlash that is Valentine's day, it's important to remember that it doesn't matter if you don't have a partner to spend the day with because who the heck said that Valentine's day could only be celebrated with a special significant other? 

In the spirit of embracing the fact that you may be alone on Valentine's day, what better way to celebrate it than to show yourself a little self love - give yourself a pat on the back for being the kick ass person that you are. 

I've teamed up with Boohoo to prove that Valentine's day doesn't have to be about showering your loved one with gifts, instead choosing to focus on making yourself feel like a million bucks by either treating yourself to a night in with your favourite chick flicks, or finally getting that dress you've had your heart set on for months. It can even be as simple as getting yourself some new lingerie - BECAUSE C'MON WHO DOESN'T FEEL GREAT PRANCING AROUND THEIR ROOM IN CUTE UNDERWEAR WITH THEIR FAVOURITE PLAYLIST PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND. 

I chose to treat myself to a cute new bralette from Boohoo as in the last few months, I've been finding myself steering away from the usual underwired, padded bras and turning more towards soft lace triangle bralettes. It all boils down to one thing and that is comfort. The Julia Baroque Applique Mesh Soft Bra gives me comfort, coverage and support - and it's freaking beautiful to look at. Boohoo has a huge range of amazing, affordable lingerie and nightwear on their website and it can all be found here: http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/clothing/lingerie+nightwear/icat/lingerie

So this Valentine's day, choose to treat yourself. What makes you feel gorgeous and good about yourself this Valentine's?


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  1. Dude your so much cooler than me AHAH i love this!!

  2. Cute photos! Love the bralette.




  3. Love this <3