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  First of all - I apologize for my sudden absence in the last week. School got very hectic and I am being overloaded with tests and assessments all at once however on the plus side, I am halfway through my first term back so soon I'll get two weeks off to focus on blogging!
A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be sent this INCREDIBLE 'Must Have Professional Brush Set' by the wonderful people over at Furless Cosmetics. This is not my first time trying Furless products as I have been a big fan of their cruelty free and vegan friendly beauty products for quite some time so I was super excited to be able to try this brush set out. It retails online for $149.95 and the brushes come in a handy little brush apron that is perfect for travelling or if you do freelance makeup.
(ps: all the brushes in the set are available for individual purchase - just click on the names of each brush for a direct link to that individual brush)


Furless Cosmetics is an Australian company that prides themselves in providing wonderful, high quality brushes and accessories which are all vegan friendly and cruelty free. They believe that there is no need for animal fur on anyone's vanity - HIGH FIVE FURLESS (you guys rock).

Now let's get into the brushes included in the set..


(please excuse the fact that these aren't in numerical order - silly silly me)

PRO5M: A fan brush that is perfect for applying highlighter along the cheekbones, nose and forehead as well as using it to sweep away any fall out after doing an eyeshadow look. I adore this brush for both these purposes however I must say that this is an incredible highlighting brush, it picks up just the right amount of product as applies it so seamlessly.

PRO2F: This pointed contour brush is a perfect multi task brush. You can use this to contour, highlight, or even apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. I personally love this brush for applying my banana shade powder from my AC On Tour Palette under my eyes as it is the perfect size to pat the powder under my eyes.

PRO5F: This angled contour brush is perfect to apply a contouring powder in the hollows of the face to define and add some dimension to the face. It is the perfect size and shape to contour or add an all over bronze to the face.

PRO4F: An amazing buffing brush perfect for blending in liquid foundations seamlessly into the skin. I love how the brush is dense yet still very soft and comfortable.

PRO1F: This angled foundation brush is ideal for applying liquid or cream base products onto the face. Personally I prefer to use the buffing brush for my foundation however this did apply the product beautifully for a slightly fuller coverage.

PRO3F: A big fluffy powder brush is a staple for all makeup junkies and this one is amazing! Once again, the bristles are so so soft and make applying powder an experience - like I could literally just sit there and apply powder all day with this brush it's so soft and wonderful.

PRO6F:An incredibly soft stippling brush that is perfect for apply liquid foundations, primers or cream products onto the face. I mostly use this one to apply my topshop cream blush and it works perfectly, picking up just the right amount of product and blending it into the skin like a dream.


 PRO8E: This is a basic flat eyeshadow brush that is so fluffy and soft - great for laying down base colours on the lid, applying loose pigments or blending a look together. I adore this brush as it applies product so seamlessly and has definitely become my new holy grail eye brush;

PRO7E: This is the ultimate domed blending brush, perfect for blending out any harsh lines. I use this brush to blend out my transition shade as well as using it towards the end of my makeup routine to blend out the complete eyeshadow look. 

PRO2E: This is a slightly smaller blending brush that isn't domed like that previous one mentioned. It works just as well to blend edges more precisely as it is considerably smaller brush so it's great if you're wanting to be more precise with your blending!

PRO6E: The angled eyeliner brush is perfect for applying cream/gel eyeliners perfectly - it is so thin and precise that I am able to achieve my perfect winged eyeliner look without the hassle of using a bulky and thick eyeliner brush.

PRO4E: This is another great brush for blending as it is angled. I love this for applying lighter shades in the inner third of my eye for a brightening look.

PRO1E: I've used my fair share of lash and brow groomers in my time however this is definitely the stand out. The best thing about this brush is that it has a metal lash comb, which works way better than plastic bristles to comb out the lashes and get rid of any clumps. I kid you not, this lash comb is magical and will make any mascara look incredible on your eyes. 


PRO7M: I adore this angled liner brush to apply my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - it works so beautifully. Besides that, this brush would apply any brow product from powders to creams perfectly as well as applying eyeliner onto the top lashline.

PRO1M: This pointed blending brush is a little too dense to be used on the eyes, however I do love this brush for applying concealer into any hard to reach areas such as the sides of the nose. 

PRO2M: This is the must have precision brush and is definitely a versatile brush to have in your collection. This can be used to apply lipsticks for a precise and crisp application, it can be used to apply an inner corner highlight or it can even be used to apply concealer onto any smaller blemishes for a precise application. The possibilities are endless for this handy brush.

PRO3M: This is the blunt blending brush that I love using as a pencil brush to apply shadows on the bottom lashline and also using it to blend out the colour to look smooth and seamless.It is a very dense and precise blending brush so it would even work to blend out any really harsh lines in your eyeshadow.

PRO1L: This lip brush comes in very handy when you come across darker lip colours that sometimes you don't feel comfortable applying straight from the bullet. 

PRO6M: This is a smaller pencil brush, also perfect to apply shadows on the bottom lashline for a less smokey look than what the PRO3M provides. Because of it's smaller size, this is perfect to add definition on the lower lashline whilst still looking very put together and crisp. This is also IDEAL to conquer a cut crease.

PRO4M: This is the must have pro extended concealer brush and it does exactly what the name suggests. This is perfect for applying concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes on the face. This would also work very well to apply contour powder on the nose before blending out with a brush such as the buffing brush as it is so thin and precise.


I LOVE THESE BRUSHES. This the perfect set for anyone wanting to start expanding their makeup brush collection. It has every brush you'll ever need in it and comes in a handy brush apron that would be ideal for travelling. All the brushes are high quality and do not shed at all, even after washes which for me is a big plus as there is nothing I hate more than having to pick little bristles off my face in the middle of doing my makeup. Furless provides these amazing brushes at an affordable price whilst also advocating against animal cruelty in the production of cosmetic products which I think is very important. Overall, this brush set gets a solid 10/10 from me and I would definitely recommend you check out this set on their website http://furlesscosmetics.com.au/ . 

Must Have Professional Makeup Brush Set available here: http://furlesscosmetics.com.au/cruelty-free-cosmetics/makeup/1798-must-have-professional-makeup-brush-set
and the individual brushes are available here: http://furlesscosmetics.com.au/cruelty-free-cosmetics/vegan/38-must-have-makeup-brushes


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