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My name is Jessica, I am currently in my last year of high school and I live in Perth, Australia. I have a family of 5 - my parents, my two older sisters and my glorious puppy named Bodhi.

Starting a blog was always something that I wanted to do ever since I discovered the wonderful world of beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers on the internet.Besides the odd funny cat video here and there, I think the first beauty related video I ever watched was a Juicystar07 video on how to get tousled waves on the family computer that was conveniently placed right between the dining room and the kitchen, that's what kicked off this obsession with all things beauty and fashion related. I'd watch so many makeup and hair tutorials and make huge lists of all the products that I wanted to get with my pocket money. Unfortunately I was completely oblivious to the concept of currency exchange and since most of the videos I'd watched were from American gurus, I was distraught when I discovered that an eyeshadow palette which cost $20 there was $60 here. None the less, I still found the concept of blogging/vlogging about beauty and fashion so interesting, at one point I even made my own youtube channel with a friend from school and we posted around 5 videos before chickening out and frantically putting them all on private.

Since then, I've had my heart set on starting a blog where I could post about general lifestyle things, beauty and fashion.

As I am a student, I can't necessarily afford many high end products or expensive clothing items which explains why 90% of my makeup collection consists of drugstore products and 90% of my wardrobe is secondhand clothing which I've accumulated from markets and op shops. Although the thought of being able to buy lots of high end products and spend $100 on a top in Myer is undeniably appealing, at this stage in my life I am perfectly content with being a little stingy with what I spend my money on, and if I'm perfectly honest I think there is something very rewarding about being able to find unique pieces at a very small price and to create different outfits around it. In saying that, one of many things I'd like to focus on here on jessicatedcoconutplease is the budget friendly side of things. I'd like to do weekly market hauls and lookbooks centred around my favourite pieces under $10. Beauty wise, I'm planning to do in depth reviews on products and some tutorials, however I do feel like that is a lot better to do in a video format, so perhaps a new youtube channel will be in the works for the near future if I can put my fears aside. 

 I'm hoping to post at least once a week here however since it is my last year in high school, I can already see myself collapsing within the first week back from the workload and stress but since I am still on summer break, I am planning to prepare lots of posts to have ready at hand ifI am unable to write up a post that particular week.

So I think that is all there is to say, and  it's currently 2.27 am here for me in Perth, so goodnight/morning/afternoon wherever you are.



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  1. omgosh! I was following you on tumblr and I'm super happy you started a blog :)

  2. oh my goodness that's so cool, thank you!