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This whole album is so wonderful and I am beyond excited to be seeing them live in April! Some of my favourite stand out songs are: Too Much Time TogetherWash It All AwayMagic and Run

First of all, OH MY GOD THE VACCINES RELEASED A NEW SONG. And it's exactly as good as I thought it would be. There's basically never been a song from The Vaccines that I've disliked, they're just so great ahhh. And this was on repeat for basically the whole of last week and it's a great song to pump you up for the day ahead. Oh and the music video is great.

I didn't like too many songs from Electra Heart but I am seriously loving Froot, my favourite songs from the album are Froot (of course), Can't Pin Me DownHappy and Blue. This is just such a groovy album ugh I love it. 

Ok Hayley Blais is kind of an all time human favourite because her videos on youtube are actually my favourite things ever and she's absolutely hilarious. But last week she uploaded this cover of I Want You Back and let me tell you, IT IS FREAKING ANGELIC. It's basically the kind of song you think of when you think of like walking to heaven or running through a field of sunflowers in a white summer frock and a big straw floppy hat and your hair in a messy side braid, ok. And the original by the Jackson 5 is great too and is a classic forever I just adore both versions very dearly.

Keaton Henson's songs are the kind of songs that can make you cry just like that even if you're just waiting for your bus and your playlist is on shuffle and then all of a sudden one of his songs start playing and you're in tears - or maybe that's just me. But Keaton Henson is a lyrical genius and is probably my favourite singer of all time and I almost got to see him live a few years back but he cancelled his show :( but none the less, his songs are so calming and gentle and I love the whole Birthdays album but this is the one that I've been listening to a lot recently. Fun fact, in year 10 I really went through a big fangirl stage so obviously I quoted one of his lyrics in an essay for English. 

So that is all for the songs, but I also want to say that I'm sorry I've been only getting a post up each week :( I really want to be getting at least 2 up per week but at the moment school is absolutely mental and I havent left the house in over 48 hours because I've been trapped inside all weekend doing my psychology lab report. I want to be getting lots of fashion and beauty posts up but at the moment it's very difficult to squeeze in time in my days to have like a 40 minute outfit shoot or anything like that so I hope you guys don't mind that the last few posts have been geared more towards lifestyle-ish things!


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