❀ Blushed in Pink ❀ | Uniform #13


Since the weather is cooling down here in Australia, I jump at any chance to wear a midi skirt without having to fuss around with a cardigan or coat to match. 
In this outfit I wore one of my favourite midi skirts in my collection which I got from the markets a while ago for only $2. It's a beautiful ivory colour with a pastel coloured flannel-esque  pattern on it that fits like a glove and has pockets on both sides which is always a bonus. I matched that with this beautiful cropped sleeve cardigan top from the brand 'Revival' (available at Dangerfield) which I adore, it has such a lovely shape to it and the intricate embroidery around the decolletage area is just super cute and adds a fun additional pop of colour to the outfit. 

As for accessories, I just wore my favourite thrifted brown crossbody bag and some vintage Clark brown heels which I also got from the markets and they are seriously so comfortable. 

Also I chucked in a photo of Bodhi because I love him a lot and he's going to be turning two soon ahh what?!

So that's all for this uniform post for today - but I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts recently. I usually try to get more than one post up per week but school has been crazy lately and I have exams coming up in 2 weeks and it's safe to say that I do not deal well with stress. With that being said, blogging has been difficult to do with so much pressure coming from school work and exam revision so until the end of my exams I'm afraid I will just be getting one post up weekly. 
Feel free to follow me on my instagram because my bond with instagram is unbreakable, even in stressful times so if you want to see what lame stuff I get up to over the next few weeks then my instagram is jessicatedcoconut


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