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Hi all! It is a little over two weeks since my birthday now and I finally have some free time to write up the rest of this blog post. After my birthday things were a little chaotic to say the least, just a handy tip for future Jess and to anyone else reading, when you have 4 assignments to do over the holidays please try your best to not leave them all to the last day, you can even try to type up a bit of that lit essay whilst simultaneously watching that new show with Hillary Duff in it, just don't leave it to the last day ok.

Anyway so on April 17th, I turned seventeen years old. I guess seventeen is that birthday where nothing really changes because you're not eighteen yet. In saying that, this was probably the best birthday I have ever had. I got to surround myself with my favourite bunch of girls and eat copious amounts of fairy bread, as any other 17 year old gal would usually do on her birthday, right? With that said, I have a bunch of photographs to share from the day.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends for coming along and making my day so special, these girls are just the most kind hearted, caring, funny, empowering, lovely and understanding bunch of people ever and I am beyond lucky to have them all in my life (I have to mention my best pal Jovana who couldn't make it to the picnic but she was definitely there in spirit yay). I know most of the girls at my picnic know about my blog SO HELLO I ADORE YOU ALL. 
As for being 17, this year holds a lot of importance in my life because it is the year I will graduate from high school (the hell hole I've been stuck in for 5 years), so it goes without saying that I just want to really power through the next few months and leave high school knowing that I've tried my best in everything, and having a rockin' ATAR would be pretty cool too but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I can't believe that it's all coming to an end and it's really a bittersweet thing, but this year of being 17 will hopefully be full of memories and keepsakes from my final year in high school surrounded with lovely friends and my family. 

Outfit details for those wondering: 
Dress: Friends of Fancy
Slip (worn underneath): Topshop
Boots: H&M
Belt: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Thrifted


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