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With NYE fast approaching, I was over the moon when the opportunity came up to work with Boohoo on their exciting New Year's Eve campaign as a part of #WeAreFamily.
What better way to wave goodbye to 2015 than to celebrate it in style - NYE is a night to pamper yourself, give yourself a gentle pat on the back and congratulate yourself on conquering the year like the queen you are. Whether you've made plans to go out, party, have a couple of friends over or have a quiet night to yourself in pyjamas with a feel good movie - you deserve to feel wonderful and sparkly this 31st.

So what makes me feel sparkly this time of the year? 
I've never actually been out on NYE, so for me, it's not at all about the extravagant parties and celebrations. What makes me feel sparkly this time of the year is reflecting, and truly realizing how much has happened and to acknowledge that I have made it through and that I've grown more as a person this year than I ever have in past years. 2015 has been an incredible journey for me with the lowest lows and the highest highs and I am more surprised than anyone that I've ended the year in the position I'm in now. This year has definitely proven to me than I am more resilient that I thought I was, and that for me is what I'll be truly celebrating this New Year's Eve - oh and i guess dressing up in a snazzy dress and some killer heels makes me feel pretty sparkly too (even if I'm only wearing it for myself)

As for the outfit that I chose out from Boohoo - I've never been very big on the sequin bandwagon when it comes to fashion. I love it on other people, but it just doesn't merge well with my overall style and so I wanted to stay true to that belief and keep my outfit neutral, wearable yet still classy and most importantly - something that makes me feel comfortable and happy.
PS: links to the pieces from boohoo will be posted at the end of the post so don't worry!

I chose this nude scuba fit bodycon midi dress which fits like a dream and is extremely flattering (mind you, I had a huge meal before the shoot so I could've done with some super industrial strength shapewear but y'know, I am not one to say no to a good meal). I love the subtle v neckline which adds a little detail to the dress seeing as it is quite a simple piece. I chose the dress in the shade 'mocha' as I thought this colour would be super versatile and you could do so many fun makeup looks with it - from a classic cat eye paired with a bold red lip to a bronze eye with a nudey-pink lip, the options are really endless with this dress.
I paired it with the Harriet Ghillie Peeptoe court shoes in black which are to die for oh my goodness - the strappy details on the shoe make it quite the statement shoe and it really ties the outfit together.
I alternated  between two jewellery options, the first being to keep it very simple with just a dainty little gold necklace with an aries charm on it with matching earrings which I got from Cotton On. The second option takes the completely opposite route with costume jewellery as the pieces are super bejewelled and definitely make a statement on their own.

To sort out your outfit for NYE this year, check out the Boohoo dresses page! 
 Links: dress - shoes - boohoo dresses page 


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